MOMS© Club of Brentwood

Welcome to MOMS Club of Brentwood, TN


 MOMS = MOMS Offering Moms Support

We are a social group for moms in the Brentwood, TN area who live in the 37027/37220 zip codes. As a mother, you need an organization that understands your needs -  MOMS Club is a great way to find that support. With MOMS Club of Brentwood you'll find: 
  • An Easy Way to Meet other local moms 
  • A wonderful way for our children to meet other children 
  • Fun activities almost every day of the week 
  • A support system that truly understands the unique joys and 
    challenges of being a mom

MOMS Club is also proud of the philanthropic activities we undertake to help local moms as well as children and families in our communities and around the world. Our activities include:
  • Meals for Moms Program - This delicious program lends support to the ladies in our club by sending meals to a mom who has just added a new little one to her family, or when facing difficult times 
  • Local charity involvement such as, collecting school supplies for Operation Pencil Box; donating toiletries and supplies to Safe Haven, and collecting books for Books from Birth. This year, we are throwing a "baby shower" for Newborns in Need, and organization in Nashville that collects diapers, clothing and supplies for babies born into poverty.

MOMS Club of Brentwood is led by a dedicated group of stay at home moms who believe in the benefits of a mothers club. We know it's hard being a mom. We know you may have felt lonely or isolated at one point or another. While happy to dedicate your time to raising your children, you may still long for friendship and adult conversation. MOMS Club understands these needs and is here to offer support, wisdom, and encouragement. Not only is the MOMS Club an easy way to meet other moms, it's also a wonderful way for your children to meet other children, learn to play together, and make friends. A typical month's activities include playdates at a member's home, meetings at local parks and playgrounds, visits to children's playplaces and places of interest, as well as seasonal activities.  Annual dues are minimal and the benefits are endless.